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I wish it would rain. If asked, I could say that I want the rain to bring a cold front because it's entirely too warm for February. Even for Florida. But the truth is I just love the sound. The close & safe feeling I get when it rains. I do miss hearing it beat down on a roof. But I can still hear the drops splashing the plants outside my bedroom window. I can hear the cars along the wet roads. I even like the sound of the noisy neighbor children splashing through puddles. The sprinklers come on around this time, every night. The drops fooling me into believing in a mini rainstorm. I wish it would rain so I could gave an excuse to hide away in bed with a book, curled up under the covers. I wish it would rain so I'd have something to find a little joy in.
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...and they even sent me home with these stylin' socks

For anyone still around on this journal, I just wanted to drop a quick note to say that everything went well for the surgery yesterday. They released me around 9 last night. The cyst and one ovary was removed and doc says everything looks good. Pain is manageable. Especially with all the percoset they have me on. Just sitting too long & standing up kinda suck.

So far, it seems like the recovery for this will be easier than the zombie knee last year.

anyway, I just wanted to drop a quick note to say 'I ^(still) aten't dead'

Much ♥ to you all.
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So, I have just done a massive friends cut. I kept around a few of you who won't be getting rid of me any time soon. Mostly people that I know IRL or would like to actually know IRL.

But I know that it's easy to cut out people I didn't mean to...so if you got one of those little "blah blah has removed you from their friends list" and you wanna stick around, leave me a (screened below) comment.

If I didn't remove you and you wanna go, then now is a free pass for you to remove me from your flist. I promise I won't be offended.

Much ♥ to you all.


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