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I wish it would rain. If asked, I could say that I want the rain to bring a cold front because it's entirely too warm for February. Even for Florida. But the truth is I just love the sound. The close & safe feeling I get when it rains. I do miss hearing it beat down on a roof. But I can still hear the drops splashing the plants outside my bedroom window. I can hear the cars along the wet roads. I even like the sound of the noisy neighbor children splashing through puddles. The sprinklers come on around this time, every night. The drops fooling me into believing in a mini rainstorm. I wish it would rain so I could gave an excuse to hide away in bed with a book, curled up under the covers. I wish it would rain so I'd have something to find a little joy in.


Date: 2012-02-06 06:36 pm (UTC)
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I too love the sound and feel of a good rain...oh and look there it is. Put your ear to the computer screen...

Can you hear it? Well if you can't it might be coming your way. :)

Love your new header.


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